I can already see how many people… An ad may be presented over a muted graph or a logo. To learn more about CSS background properties, study our CSS Background Tutorial. Now let's see both the approaches one by one using appropriate examples. You can search your Best CSS Background Patterns for Presentations and can be used easily to provide attractiveness. It is suggested that while creating patterns or transparent GIF or PNG images, use the smallest dimensions possible even as small as 1x1 to avoid slow loading. Create Your Own Patterns. Circular Background Patterns You can use radial-gradient() to render circular background patterns. It could add that neutral tone in a sea of colors, or it could also be the other way around and add flavor to an otherwise straightforward design. If you want the background image to cover the entire element, you This color_value can be given in any of the following formats −, Here are the examples to set background of an HTML tag −. Following is the syntax to use bgcolor attribute with any HTML tag. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Pattern Background. This can be done by utilising the background-image and background-repeat CSS properties. Here are more background codes and usage examples.Also, here's a full list of CSS background properties you can apply to your HTML elements: 1. background (shorthand for all background properties) 2. background-attachment 3. background-color 4. background-image 5. background-position 6. background-repeatThe following properties were introduced in CSS level 3. element: If you want the entire page to have a background image, you must You can also specify the background image in the